Yellow Watermelon Where to Buy

Yellow Watermelon Where to Buy

Yellow Watermelon where to buy? This is the question that many people around the world ask themselves, not only in the United States. A large group of people want to try the taste of yellow watermelon, but do not know where and when to look for it. In this article, we will show you where you can buy yellow watermelon and when to look for it. Before that, let’s check why yellow watermelon is worth buying and what nutritional values ​​it has.

Why is it worth buying a yellow watermelon?

Few things can cool down our body in hot summer. Air conditioning is not healthy for our respiratory system, and we only want to drink more after sweetened drinks. Ice cream, water, cold desserts and fruits with a high water content such as yellow watermelon come in handy.

This sweet and juicy fruit is mostly water, just like regular watermelon. Thanks to this, it is very crisp and can be eaten in large quantities.

Watermelons are eaten normally as a fruit, added to salads, ice cream, smoothies and many other dishes and drinks.

Lycopene is responsible for the specific color of the yellow watermelon, which gives fruits and vegetables their characteristic red color. In the case of this variety, this Wednesday is not present, so its flesh turns yellow.

From the outside, hardly anyone can distinguish a yellow watermelon from any other. It also turns green with stripes of darker green across the watermelon. If you want to distinguish it, you have to look at the label when buying, or only at home, when you cut the watermelon, you will find out if it is a yellow variety.

The biggest difference, apart from the color, is also a slightly different flavor. The difference is noticeable, but if you think that you are waiting for new taste sensations then forget it. The yellow watermelon has a slightly sweeter and honeyier flavor. It is used for exactly the same purposes as an ordinary watermelon.

The nutritional values ​​of yellow watermelon are very similar to other varieties. It contains a lot of vitamins A and C, which have a special impact on the functioning of the immune system.

Interestingly, the yellow watermelon also supports detoxification and prevents flatulence.

Low in calories, you can eat a lot of watermelon without worrying about your health. On the other hand, be aware of fructose, which should be consumed in moderation.

Yellow watermelon season

Unfortunately, the yellow watermelon is a seasonal fruit and is available mainly in the summer. If you want to buy a yellow watermelon, look for it in stores between May and September. The largest and tastiest fruits can be obtained around July and August.

Yellow Watermelon where to buy near me?

Yellow watermelon is one of the heavier fruits. That is why many people decide to buy cut watermelon into quarters. However, this is rarely possible at stalls or in smaller shops. If you want to buy a yellow watermelon close to you, be sure to check the list of the following stores.


Both on the website and in the store itself you will find offers for yellow watermelon. You have the option of buying a whole watermelon or cut into quarters. You will find it in an alley with fruit and vegetables. The watermelon will be exactly described, you will not confuse it with the usual variety.


Of course, the Walmart chain of stores also sells yellow watermelon. The problem is that it is often out of stock and you aren’t 100% sure you’ll find it in the store. As a last resort, you can choose the popular red variety.


Another store that offers fresh yellow watermelon during the season is Heb. The watermelon is found in the fruit section and is sold whole or in quarters. The prices are quite high so better find another store.

Whole Foods

As mentioned above, Whole Foods also has yellow watermelons in the summer. The problem is that their availability is not very large, and you have to be lucky.


Another proposition is the Albertsons chain of stores. Usually yellow watermelons are available in their offer with the arrival of the season, but it’s hard to promise that they will be in every store.

Fruit and vegetable store

If you have a shop nearby that sells seasonal fruit such as strawberries, peaches or watermelons, you may also find yellow watermelons.

Local farmers markets

The best option is to look for yellow watermelons at local famers markets. My guess is that hardly anyone has access to such places, but you can check it, for example on Etsy, by typing “yellow watermelon” and checking if someone in the area sells such watermelons.

Yellow Watermelon where to buy online?

When traditional stores fail, or you do not want to go from store to store, it is worth checking the offer of online stores. You will find many stores offering yellow watermelons at great prices. Usually, there is a shipping cost, but when you buy something, delivery is often free. So let’s check what online stores offer yellow watermelons.


If you don’t know where to look for a yellow watermelon, Amazon is the right place. Like other stores, don’t expect it to be available out of season. There are many sellers on Amazon, so you will probably find an offer that will appeal to you.

Walmart Online

As already mentioned, Walmart sells yellow watermelons, which you can also buy in the online store. You can choose the method of collecting watermelon, it is worth ordering home delivery along with other products.


Another store that offers yellow watermelons is Instcart. In this store you will find the most popular varieties of yellow watermelon at prices close to the competition.


Etsy was already mentioned as it can also be used to track sellers of yellow watermelon in your area. However, it is mainly a sales platform for online purchases.

Baldor Food

The last proposal is Baldor Food which offers Seedless Yellow Watermelon

So where can i buy yellow watermelon?

  • Amazon
  • Kroger
  • Whole Foods
  • Walmart
  • Heb
  • Albertsons
  • Local farmers markets
  • Etsy
  • Instcart
  • Baldor Food

You already know where you can buy yellow watermelons and what these fruits are characterized by. Believe me, you won’t lose much by replacing a yellow watermelon with a regular one, but it’s worth trying once in your life. The price of yellow watermelons does not differ significantly from the normal ones, so they are a good and tasty alternative to the taste you already know.

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