Where to buy Zippo Lighter Fluid

Where to buy Zippo lighter fluid

Among the many questions we are trying to answer are also: where to buy zippo lighter fluid? We have no choice but to answer this question. Zippo lighters are popular and available in most stores, but Zippo lighter fluid isn’t necessarily. But don’t panic, we’ll show you a list of places where you can buy Zippo Lighter Fluid at great prices.

Why is Zippo lighter fluid worth buying?

Zippo lighters are a product that has dominated the market and although it is a dominance that hardly anyone pays attention to, it is a fact. Importantly, the product is fully American, also the lighter fluid is produced in the United States.

There are many companies on the market that make counterfeit Zippo lighters, but you can also easily find a liquid for ordinary lighters that can be used in Zippo lighters. This practice is not recommended by the manufacturer, but you can do it when you don’t have any liquid on hand.

Currently, the liquid is sold in 4 and 12 oz bottles. It is more profitable to buy a larger bottle, because we pay twice as much, i.e. we get one small bottle of liquid for free. The official prices of the fluid on the manufacturer’s website are $ 3 and $ 6.20.

Importantly, Zippo does not ship products to Alaska, Hawaii, Poartorico, and outside the United States.

Zippo lighters are easy to refill and everyone should be able to refill them.

Before we go over specific stores, let’s check what other questions you might have about Zippo Lighter Fluid.

Can you buy Zippo lighter fluid at gas stations?

The vast majority of stations offer Zippo lighter fluid. If you do not know where to buy such a liquid and you have a gas station close by, be sure to go to it.

Can I use regular lighter fluid in a Zippo?

Although not recommended by the manufacturer, you can use regular lighter fluid. The manufacturer does not recommend this for various reasons, one of which is that he does not want to share the profits as he produces the official Zippo lighter fluid.

How often should the Zippo be refilled?

This largely depends on how often you use the lighter. If you use the lighter quite often and you have to refill it twice a day, a small can is enough for about a month of use.

Can I put butane in the Zippo?

No, you cannot use pressurized butane to fill a Zippo lighter. We advise against any attempt, it is better to use normal lighter fluid.

Will Zippo Fluid go bad?

No, the Zippo lighter fluid does not expire. However, if not stored properly, it can evaporate and will not be usable. Store it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and you will be able to use it whenever you want.

Where to buy Zippo lighter fluid?

We wrote at the outset that there should be no problem finding Zippo lighter fluid, it is only partially true. Unfortunately, many stores have withdrawn Zippo lighter fluid from their offer, and others have moved the product elsewhere. That is why many people have a hard time finding this product. The best place to buy Zippo Lighter Fluid right now is on the internet, but we’ll also show you some traditional stores where you can buy Zippo Lighter Fluid.


This should be the first place you order Zippo Lighter Fluid. Amazon offers various fluid packages at great prices. A large number of offers allows you to choose the best solution.


If you want the lowest prices, please use the Official Zippo Store. This is where you’ll find Zippo Lighter Fluid at an unbeatable price.


You can find various posts on the internet where people report that Walmart has removed Zippo lighter fluid from its offer, but it is not. Most often, he moved the product to other departments, either on separate islands or to the camping department. There is also a chance that your Walmart actually removed this product, but this is not standard behavior for all stores. You can also use the online Walmart store.

Gas stations

Gas stations are the most popular place to buy Zippo fluid. If you cannot find them on the shelves, ask the seller for sure will help. However, not all stations sell this fluid.

Tobacco shop

Another suggestion is a tobacco shop. If you have one nearby, you may find Zippo Lighter Fluid in it.


The Rei store has prepared an offer for its customers in which you can buy Zippo lighter fluid at an attractive price. It’s worth taking a look and checking the offer.


Kroger offers Zippo Lighter Fluid on its website. The product is in the Grills & Outdoor Cooking category.

You already know where to buy Zippo lighter fluid, as you can see, the best place is the internet, but there are also stationary locations where you can find Zippo lighter fluid. If you know any other places, let us know where you can buy zippo lighter fluid.

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