Where to buy xylitol

Where to buy xylitol at a good price? If you are asking such a question, you are in the right place, in this article we will tell you where to buy xylitol and what costs you have to take into account. As is well known, eating sugar is nothing healthy. It is true that carbohydrates are our fuel, but not those provided by sugar. That is why many substitutes have been developed, such as xylitol from which sweeteners are also made. Check out the list of stores selling xylitol and find out where to find xylitol at the grocery store.

Why is it worth buying xylitol?

Sugar is a source of many calories and has a huge impact on the problem of diabetes. That is why many producers of sweetened drinks replace sugar with sweeteners.

Xylitol is a sugar substitute, which is characterized by a much lower caloric content. Its taste resembles traditional sugar.

It is used in many products such as gums, jelly beans and yoghurts. Let’s face it, low calories is the main reason why it’s better to choose xylitol over regular sugar. People who care about their health and diabetes, who can replace sugar with xylitol, benefit from this.

Interestingly, xylitol is also used in oral hygiene products. The bacteria in the mouth do not produce cavities.

Xylitol is also available in stores under the name Birch Sugar. The price of xylitol is higher than that of regular sugar, the difference is noticeable, but for your health it is worth choosing xylitol.

Where To Find Xylitol In Grocery Store?

Now that you know the benefits of xylitol and you are not going to give up sugar, we will show you where to find it in the grocery store. Like flour or regular sugar, xylitol is located in the aisle close to the bread.

In some grocery stores you will find xylitol in your health food aisle. It’s hard to call xylitol a healthy product, but it looks good for marketing.

Interestingly, xylitol is also included in the sections dedicated to sports nutrition. Physically active people choose xylitol when they do not want to give up sweets completely.

Where to buy xylitol near me and online?

Xylitol is widely available and can be found in most grocery stores. Even your local store may have xylitol on offer. There are several xylitol producers on the market and it is difficult to talk about the differences in these products. Sugar like sugar is sweet and the name of the producing company does not matter much. So let’s check where to buy xylitol.


The first option is the Amazon online store. There you will find a wide range of xylitol-based products including sweeteners. If you don’t want to go to shops and you can wait 1-2 days for delivery, this is the best option. Due to its popularity, Xylitol has many opinions and you can easily choose the most popular one.


At Walmart you will find virtually all nutritional products, including xylitol. By accessing the Walmat website, xylitol can be found in the baking products tab. Also in Walmart stores you will find xylitol alongside other sugars, flours and baking powders. Walmart sells the most popular xylitol brands XyloSweet, Health Garden, and NOW Foods.

Local health food store

If you have a health food store nearby, be sure to visit them. Xylitol is classified as a healthy alternative to sugar and is therefore found in such stores.

Grocery Store

Ordinary grocery stores should also offer xylitol. The popularity of this product is so great that it does not linger on store shelves.


The Kroger chain of stores is one of the most popular places to buy xylitol. There are products of the most respected producers here.


The same is true of Safeway stores that sell Xyla and XyloSweet xylitol. The prices are very similar to other stores, so feel free to buy.


It’s also a good idea to visit Publix stores where you can buy xylitol without any problems. As in the stores mentioned above, the best brands are waiting for you here.

Whole Foods

When we talk about nutritional products, we cannot fail to mention Whole Foods. The most popular brands are also waiting for you here.


Vons stores have xylitol for their customers at good prices. If you have Vons close to you, take a look at him and check if the offer suits you.


It is also worth mentioning the Wegmans chain of stores, where you can get xylitol without any problems.


There are many sellers on this sales platform targeting xylitol for their customers. Here you will find xylitol from many manufacturers not available in typical grocery stores.


Swanson is a manufacturer of its own dietary supplements, but also has xylitol from the most popular companies. You can often find promotions, so check the prices.


Not everyone knows that the CVS network offers xylitol in some establishments. If you really can’t find xylitol close together, then maybe CVS is the solution.

Where to buy xylitol gum?

If you are a person who likes to chew gum and you pay attention to your health, especially your teeth, it is worth choosing xylitol gum. Xylitol, unlike sugar, does not damage teeth, and sugar is one of the main ingredients in gums. For your oral cavity, choosing xylitol gum will be the best solution. Can xylitol gums be bought at the grocery store?

  • Amazon – of course you can easily find xylitol gums from various manufacturers on Amazon.
  • Walmart – Walmart stores also have a wide selection of xylitol gum at good prices.
  • HEB – if you are closer to the HEB store, you can put your shoes on and go there.
  • Kroger – Stores like Kroger also sell good quality xylitol gum.
  • Grocery Store – Some grocery stores offer xylitol gum. In the sweets section, check carefully the label of the gums you are going to buy. If xylitol is listed as the first ingredient, it means that there is the most of it and such gum is worth buying.

Where to buy xylitol sweetener?

The vast majority of the above-mentioned stores are also able to offer their customers xylitol sweetener. These types of sweeteners are used in beverages, but also by people who prefer a sweetener over sugar. Xylitol Sweetener is more expensive than a regular sweetener but has a similar price to xylitol.

Hopefully this article has answered the most frequently asked questions about where to buy xylitol and where it is at the grocery store.

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