Where to buy Talstar

Where to buy Talstar

Your home is plagued by pests and are you going to get rid of them effectively? A product used by professionals may prove to be an effective method. Unfortunately, many insects and other pests can spoil a peaceful life in an effective way. Therefore, if you do not have a pest removal company close to you, use Talstar Professional. In this article, we’ll show you where to buy Talstar Pro and how much it will cost you.

Why is it worth buying Talstar?

Talstar is a chemical agent that is based on water, so it does not emit unpleasant and stinging odors.

According to what can be learned from the manufacturer and those who use it, Talstar eliminates pests and provides protection for up to three months. You also do not have to worry about unpleasant residues after using this remedy.

It is important that Talstar has been approved for use both indoors and outdoors. It can be used in most types of buildings, even those dealing with the sale of food products.

Now what is the most important, i.e. what insects does Talstar kill? As it turns out, the product is effective against over 75 types of pests: ants, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, ticks and many more.

How fast does Talstar work? Most insects die within 20 minutes to several hours after entering the “contaminated area”. It all depends on the size of the insect, in the case of the largest ones, such as scorpions or spiders, this time may be extended to 2-3 days.


Despite these advantages, remember that Talstar is a chemical that should not enter your body. Protect children and animals from it, think carefully where to apply it and how to protect this place.

Also, Talstar should not be the first agent to fight the aforementioned insects, there are many more inert and lighter pest killing products on the market. If you use this preparation in your home, remember to ventilate it before re-entering it.

The most important note is this: without permission, you should not be able to use Talstar, it is a substance with limited use. That’s what the theory says, but in practice many people use this product on their lawns anyway.

Talstar should not come into contact with your skin, there is a long list of possible side effects upon contact with this substance.

Where to buy Talstar?

After such an introduction, we have nothing else to do but go to the main thread, i.e. where you can buy Talstar. As it turns out, there are several such stores, and often the best way to buy Talstar

Professional is to use Online stores. Let’s check the list of stores where you can buy Talstar at great prices.


Naturally, the first store you need to visit is Amazon. There you will find Talstar in granules and liquid. There are several offers available at different prices.


Walmart stores also prepared an offer for their customers for products containing Talstar. They are located in the Garden section of the insect control section.


Another shop offering Talstar sales is DoMyOwn. It is worth taking a look at the offer of this store, as it has many different sizes from 16 0z to 128 oz. The more you buy, the cheaper it is, so it’s worth considering how much you will need Talstar for pest control.


Another store where you can easily buy Talstar Pro Insecticide is Pestrong. This chemistry store offers a variety of insect killing products. The prices are similar to those of the above-mentioned stores.

Solutions Pest & Lawn

Moving on, we find the Solutions Pest & Lawn store where you can buy Talstar Pro in sizes 16/32 Ounce or ¾ Gallon and 1 Gallon.


Most of the products are on the Ebay sales platform, as is Talstar Pro, which comes in liquid and granular form.

Insect product stores

Practically, the shop offering products for insect control has Talstar in its offer or is able to order it on individual request.


Talstar is sold on the DIYPestWarehouse website, the basic pack size is 16 oz and costs from $ 29.10.

Garden Shops

Many garden stores have a separate aisle with pest control products. There should be products like Talstar in this aisle.

Where to buy Talstar granules?

A lot of you are asking where to buy Talstar granules, so it would be appropriate to answer this question. As it turns out, this is a product available in a smaller number of stores, but it is not impossible to get. Below is a list of stores where you can buy Talstar granules:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • DoMyOwny
  • Pestrong
  • Solutions Pest & Lawn
  • PestSupply

Hope this article helped you find Talstar and you already know where to buy it.

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