Where to Buy Sticky – Glutinous Rice

Where to Buy Sticky Glutinous Rice

Rice is a staple in Asians’ diets, and it quickly replaced potatoes in Europe and the United States. Sticky rice, on the other hand, is specially prepared rice that is perfect for creating fantastic dishes.

You can make Glutinous Rice with your own hands in your home cooking, but some types of rice are better than others. In this article, we will tell you Where to Buy Sticky And how to prepare it to be sticky.

How to Buy Glutinous Rice?

Basically, Glutinous Rice does not exist in ready-to-buy form. In a way, any rice can be sticky, but some types of rice are more sticky than others.

In stores, you may find various terms for sticky rice, glutinous rice, and sweet rice. It is used in many Asian countries, mainly in Taiwan. What exactly is this sticky rice?

It is a special type of rice that is much more sticky when cooked. This is due to a lack of starch amylose. Sticky rice can be sold in short grain or long grain varieties. If you want to prepare it the way it is done in a traditional kitchen, do it by steaming.

As we mentioned, all rice is sticky to some extent and its viscosity depends on the proportion of starch contained in the rice (amylose, amylopectin). The lower the amylose level, the higher the viscosity of the rice species. Sticky rice varieties have only up to 1 percent amylose and a lot of amylopectin, which makes them sticky.

There is another factor by which you will know that it is sticky rice. Just compare the prices of plain white rice and sticky rice, which is often twice as expensive.

Why Buy Glutinous Rice?

If you like cooking and Asian cuisine is close to you, then it is worth buying sticky rice to prepare traditional Asian dishes. Sticky rice is used in many dishes such as dumplings and stuffing.

Choosing long grain rice you can use it in spicy dishes, while using short grain rice you will appreciate it in desserts.

It is also worth mentioning the taste, because glutinous rice is sweeter than regular white rice. Thanks to this, it is used in many desserts.

Where to Buy Sticky – Glutinous Rice near me and online?

Trying different foods is one of the basic advantages of cooking skills. You can prepare yourself a dish that is not available in local restaurants. You need the right ingredients for this, which can be obtained from various stores. You can buy Glutinous Rice in a lot of shops. Below is a list of stores selling sticky rice.


Amazon is the first place to look for nutritional products. There you will find practically everything you can think of. Amazon sellers offer their customers sitcky rice from the best producers. Most products have a lot of ratings, so you can easily find something for yourself.


Walmart is an Amazon only outside the Internet, although it also has its own online store. One of the most interesting products is Young Elephant Glutinous Rice 80 Oz, offered at a favorable price. Maybe the packaging does not encourage you to buy it, but do not judge the rice by its packaging. Glutinous Rice is found in the dried foods section.


The Kroger chain of stores also prepared Sticky Rice for its customers. On the shelves of the Kroger store you will find rice from the most popular producers. The prices are similar to the previously discussed stores.

Asian food stores

Be sure to check out local Asian food stores, which often have Sticky Rice from local producers. Prices in these types of stores may be slightly higher than in supermarkets.


It is an online store that brings food from different countries. Its offer includes the possibility of ordering glutinous rice.


Is there a Safeway store near your home? If so, feel free to go to him for a packet of sticky rice. The offer is similar to that of the Kroger chain, as are the prices.


Target stores sell Stick White Rice InnovAsian and many other companies. As usual, the prices are at a good level.

Whole Foods Market

When we talk about food, we cannot forget about Whole Foods Market stores. A large selection of sticky rice awaits you in the dry food section.


You can buy everything you need to live on on the Ebay shopping platform. Many US sellers offer sticky rice at great prices.


The last proposal is the HEB chain stores, which have exactly the same sticky rice as in Target stores, cheaper by a few cents.

Hope this article answered the question Where to Buy Sticky Rice and you can find it in your area or online without any problems.

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