Where to buy Pea Gravel by the Ton Near Me

Where to buy Pea Gravel

If you are planning to buy aggregate, Pea Gravel is probably one of the solutions you are considering. We will try to help you choose the store where you can buy pea litter. This product can transform many places and is perfect for gardens. There are many types of Pea Gravel, which are characterized by a different appearance and slightly different use. So let’s check where to buy pea gravel and why it is worth doing it.

Why Buy Pea Gravel?

Pea Gravel is not very suitable as a substrate for driveways or elements that will have more layers on them. In most cases, Pea Gravel is used to accentuate gardens and flower beds.

There are different types of gravel available on the market, differing in color, which allows for very interesting effects. A characteristic feature of Pea Gravel is that it does not contain sharp edges, making it suitable for pavements and driveways. It can be easily walked on, so it is also used in playgrounds and dog runs.

You must remember that a small Pea Gravel will slide easily if you do not secure it properly.

Another feature of gravel is heat retention, so it is not recommended for use in some plants. When choosing plants, pay attention to whether it will be possible to use Pea Gravel for them.

These little pebbles are a great way to change the look of your yard. Thanks to them, you are able to change this place beyond recognition. Pea Gravel does not require any kind of maintenance, but after a few years it is worth adding it as it breaks down.

Many people believe that Pea Gravel is the best way to highlight garden paths, enhance terrain changes, and many other features.

What is Pea Gravel?

Okay, but what exactly is pea gravel? These are small, rounded stones that resemble peas in their size. Like peas, they also have a shallow structure and are found mostly near water bodies. It is the water that washes the edges of the stones, which makes them so smooth. The main colors of the litter are white, brown and various shades of gray.

How much is Pea Gravel?

It all depends on what quantities you are buying. If you decide to buy pea gravel in a single bag, its price will be significantly higher than that of gravel bought per ton. Basically, gravel bought by ton is around $30-55 per ton. Some suppliers offer their customers to cover the cost of delivery.

The type of gravel also has an influence on the price of pea gravel. You will pay more for well-shaped, soft and colorful litter. The differences can reach a few dollars per bag, but it’s a good idea to choose the smoother litter.

Where to buy Pea Gravel?

We answered the most important questions, so it’s time to move on to the merits and where you can buy Pea Gravel. Two forms of purchase should be distinguished here, for single bags and for tons.

In the first paragraph, we will focus on single bags, if you are curious where to buy it by ton, go to the next heading.

Home Depot

The first store worth visiting is Home Depot. Their offer includes various types of Pea Gravel packed in individual bags. The price is standard, maybe slightly above average.


You’ll find deals from companies all over the United States on Amazon, this is the best place to buy Home Depot. A large offer also means a wide range of prices, so you can easily find Pea Gravel at the right price.


Lowes offers Pea Gravel from various companies, the cheapest bags cost less than $4. These are really nice prices, but be sure to check the reviews for the product before buying.


Another store is Menards, which has Pea Gravel at very nice prices, even cheaper than in Lowes, as long as you take advantage of the discount.


Good old Walmart also has Pea Gravell from the most popular producers. You will find litter in the Garden section, prices are quite high, but if you need litter at hand, Walmart can provide you with it.

Where to buy Pea Gravel by the Ton Near Me?

The second definitely more profitable option is to buy Pea Gravel by tons. Many people wonder where you can order such Pea Gravel close to each other, unfortunately most companies operate on the Internet. There are really few places where you can buy Pea Gravel right away.

Home Depot

Home Depot gives its customers the opportunity to purchase Pea Gravel in larger quantities. However, prices are not as good as from wholesalers.


On Amazon, you can also find offers from sellers that have Pea Gravel in larger quantities.


This is a great place to shop for Pea Gravel online. You will also find addresses of potential suppliers in the United States.

Kirk Allen Trucking

A very attractive offer, as a ton of Pea Gravel costs $ 40.5. However, you must live close to the business or delivery may be expensive.

On this we close our list of stores where you can buy Peal Gravel. If you know about any stores that have not been mentioned, be sure to let us know, and now we encourage you to check the other entries on the site.

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