Where to buy paper clips?

where to buy paper clips

Where to buy paper clips? There are many answers to this question, because paper clips can be bought in many places. A paperclip is often useful in offices and when organizing documents at home. However, less and less often paper clips are even seen in the above-mentioned offices.

Progressive computerization means that we use less and less documents, which translates into reduced demand for paper clips. However, our goal is not to talk about ecology, but to answer the question of where to buy paper clips?

Paper clips

Paper clips are one of those elements that should be in every home, and certainly in the office. Clips are used to keep several sheets of paper together, in the case of more sheets, use binder clips / bulldog clips.

The use of paper clips allows you to fasten pages quickly and easily without destroying them, and at any time we can take out any sheet of paper, which is impossible in the case of staples.

The appearance and use of paper clips does not change, because there is too much to experiment with. Naturally, on the market we can find small and large paperclips, they also come in various colors that make it easier to distinguish documents.

The most popular clips are those made of silver wire, 28 mm in size.

Blinder Clips

The mentioned blinder clips are used to bind a greater number of sheets. They are usually made of durable metal, which is resistant to frequent insertion and removal of sheets. Blinder Clips are usually black and are seen in most offices.

They are also often used in the kitchen to close packages. Once the differences are cleared up, let’s check where to buy paper clips and blinder clips.

Where to buy paper clips near me?

Let’s start with where to buy paper clips close to where you live. If you have Walmart in your area, this will be the best place to buy paper clips. It is worth choosing this store, e.g. because of the wide selection, although the prices vary.

At Walmart, you will find various types of paperclips, from the simplest ones in silver to thick paperclips for many sheets of paper. Blinder Clips work better when we have to fasten many pages together.

Another place worth visiting is a shop that offers office equipment. These types of places don’t necessarily have to be close to you, but who knows, maybe you’re lucky. In such stores, you can easily find paper clips in various sizes and prices.

A stationery store is our next offer, it is in this type of place that you can buy paper clips, pencils, stampers and a lot of other office equipment. Paper clips in such stores are often cheaper than in large supermarkets, although of course there are no rules.

In summary, you can buy paper clips in:

  • Walmart
  • Office equipment store
  • Stationery store
  • Internet

Where to buy paper clips online?

The best places to buy paper clips online are Amazon, Walmart, or office supply stores like Office Depot. In such places you can count on a wide selection of paperclips and a diverse price offer.

How much do paper clips cost?

Fortunately, paper clips are not expensive, although you have to remember that no one will sell you one. Regardless of whether you will buy traditional paper clips or blinder clips, you must take into account the need to buy at least ten pieces. The cost of paperclips depends mainly on the company, the number of pieces in the box and the type of paperclip.

• Blinder Clips 100PCS – 10.99

• Universal Paper Clips – 100PCS – $ 4.66

• Small Paper Clips 1.1 Inch – 300PCS – $ 4.99

• Jumbo Clips 200PCS – $ 6.99

As you can see the prices are not high, you will of course also encounter more expensive paper clips, the question is whether it makes sense to buy such a purchase when the difference in quality is usually small.

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