Where to buy Mexican Coke

where to buy mexican coke

If you ask the question, where to buy mexican coke, you know very well what it is. Let us answer the question in the title, and let us introduce you to Mexican coke for people who do not know it.

Does it taste better than regular Cola?

How is it produced and why is it called the Mexican Cola?

Why Buy Mexican Coke?

Mexican Coke is nothing more than an ordinary Coca-Cola, it has the same label, it is in the same bottle and it is original, but this flavor is different.

The name of this type of Coca-Cola comes from the place where it is produced and imported into the United States. Of course, Mexican Coke is made across the southern border in Mexico and is popular because of its specific flavor.

Mexican Coke owes its distinctive flavor to cane sugar, which replaces the traditionally used corn syrup.

Good things cannot last forever and in 2013 the Mexican Coca-Cola bottling plant stopped using cane sugar in favor of glucose-fruct syrup. However, this did not affect the Coca-Cola Nostalgia bottles sold in the United States.

Mexican Coke has never been created with export in mind, but Americans like its taste as more natural.

Due to what we just wrote, the taste of Mexican Coke is currently different in the United States and Mexico. The Cola currently sold in Mexico tastes just like standard Cola from the United States.

Importantly, independent and objective studies have shown that people do not feel any major difference between Mexican Coke and American Cola. Not only that, the tasters, if they were to decide which wheel is better in their opinion, they chose the American version.

The main sale of Mexican Coke is in glass bottles with a screw cap, for the manufacture of which an opener is required.

So why should you buy Mexican Coke? For example, out of sentiment and the will to check with your own language whether the difference in taste is felt.

Where to buy Mexican Coke near me and online?

Both the traditional American Cola and Mexican Coke are produced by the same company. So theoretically, they should be available in the same stores, but unfortunately they are not. While there is no need to worry, Mexican Coke is available at major chain stores such as Walmart.

It is possible thanks to the great interest in this product and the constant sale among Mexican Coke fans.

Now let’s check where to buy Mexican Coke at good prices.


If you don’t want to walk, you can choose to order Mexican Coke from Amazon. As you can see from the number of reviews, this is a very popular form of buying Mexican Coke. Amazon sellers offer Mexican Coke in a variety of packages, from single packs to packs of 24 bottles. It is known, the larger the pack you buy, the cheaper it will be per piece. Mexican Coke comes in traditional 355 ml / 12 fl oz bottles.


However, if you want to burn some calories before drinking Mexican Coke, you can take advantage of the Walmart store. There you will find Mexican Coke packed 6/24/4 bottles. The prices are close to Amazon, for 4 Pack you will pay $ 5.32.


When you feel like eating one bottle of Mexican Coke, head to the Target stores. There you will find Mexican Coke for $ 1.49 for a 355 ml bottle. This is the standard price, so feel free to buy.


HEB stores also offer Coca-Cola Mexican Cocke at almost the same price as Target. This tasty Soda can be yours for $ 1.50 or in a 4 Pack for $ 5.11.

Total Wine

The Total Wine store has prepared Mexican Coke for its customers at the same price as Target. On the manufacturer’s website you can order Mexican Coke straight to your home. Importantly, the product has many positive reviews confirming that it is the original Mexican Coke.

Ideal Market

When it comes to food products, it is impossible not to mention Ideal Market. It is a local store, but it does sell online. We want to make it stand out because of the lowest Mexican Coke price we found, $ 1.19 per bottle.


If you don’t know where to find something, chances are it’s on Ebay. A short research allowed us to confirm several offers for Mexican Coke. The problem with these types of sites is that you have to be careful if the seller is from the United States. Only then will the delivery not cost a fortune.


The Safeway chain does not like to be lagging behind the competition and also sells Mexican Coke. For the taste of Mexican Coke, they can run to the nearest Safeway store and buy their own bottle.


What better place to buy Mexican Coke than an online Mexican store? If you want to buy Mexican Coke straight from the country where it is made, choose MexGrocer.com

Mexican food stores

Many Mexican food stores also have Mexican Coke. Store owners know how popular it is and are happy to order it.


Often there are questions like: Does Costco still sell Mexican Coke? There was a problem with the Coca-Cola Costco line for a while, but eventually the two companies got along and Costco sells Mexican Coke.

Still can’t find Mexican Coke near you? Use Yelp, you might get a hint of which store sells Mexican Coke near you. Hope this article helps you find Mexican Coke at the right price. I consider the where to buy mexican coke question to be closed and it’s time to move on to the next topics.

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