Where to buy ladyfinger

where to buy ladyfinger

If you like to bake cakes, you probably know what a sponge cake is and how it is made. In this article, we want to focus on land fingers, which are also known as boudoir sponge cakes in other regions of the world.

We’ll tell you where to buy lady fingers for tiramisu and other wares. Fortunately, virtually every grocery store offers lady finger cookies and their price is so low that everyone can afford them.

Lady fingers

Let’s start from the very beginning, c lived from what are basically lady fingers . You probably associate the taste of the sponge cake, as well as its consistency. Lady fingers are sponge cakes, which are crispy and made of eggs. The name comes mainly from the elongated shape, because they resemble delicate female fingers. In the United States, the Lady Fingers are known almost from the beginning of the colonial period.

These delicate biscuit cakes can be eaten separately, most often while drinking coffee or eating ice cream . However, they are unlikely to be eaten as a separate snack.

It is true that lady fingers are sweet and they look even more appetizing when sprinkled with sugar, they are much more often used in cakes. The most popular cake using lady fingers is tiramisu.

The composition of sponge cakes is practically always the same, they may differ in proportions, but they are made of flour and whipped proteins. The characteristic shape of the fingers is suitable before being placed in the oven. Depending on your preferences, cookies may have additional sprinkles.

If you bake lady fingers at home, you will probably never achieve the consistency of Savoiardi sponge cakes sold in stores . Sponge cake companies add to them a lot of flavor enhancers and leavening agents.

Where to buy lady fingers near me?

Buying ladyfingers shouldn’t be a problem for you. You can find them in virtually every big grocery store or at Walmart .

Ladyfingers are sponge cakes that almost everyone likes and are easy to buy, and their price is very affordable.

Italian food stores

As Savoiardi sponge cakes are a typical Italian delicacy, it is in Italian food stores that you can buy original ladyfingers .

Grocery stores

Every large grocery store will have ladyfiners , often at least two companies. The prices in the stores are really low and you can easily find what you are looking for.


If you don’t know where to find a product, you can find it at Walmart . The Walmart chain of stores sells many companies’ lady fingers . The cheapest deals for 200g start at $ 2.99, and among the companies you will find Sophia , Delallo , Glida and many more.

Where Do I Find Ladyfingers in a Grocery Store?

We already know where to buy lady fingers and we know their price, but we do not yet know the answer to the question Where Do I Ladyfingers in a Grocery Store ? In most cases, ladyfinger can be found in the Bread and Pastry section. Look for them close to the places where there are cakes and cookies.

Grocery stores often put ladyfingers on the candy section as well.

Where to buy lady fingers for tiramisu?

We won’t come up with anything interesting here, ladyfingers for Tiramisu can be found in virtually every grocery store or larger pastry shop.

Many people wonder which ladyfingers are best for Tiramisu. The answer to this question is Crunchy SAVOIARDI, a sponge cake used mainly in Italian cuisine.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the homemade robot ladyfingers are not suitable for Tiramisu baking.

How much Savoiardi ladyfingers for tiramisu you will need depends largely on the recipe. The stores offer also gluten-free ladyfingers .

Where can i buy vegan ladyfingers ?

Speaking of Tiramisu I ladyfingers, it is worth answering the question where can I buy vegan ladyfingers . Here there is a small problem, because while you can actually buy gluten-free sponge cakes, they are made on the basis of eggs and you will not buy strictly vegan ladyfingers .

However, we will not leave you with such an unpleasant answer. While you won’t find commercial ladyfingers prepared in a vegan way, you can count on all sorts of pastry shops and home-made shops like Etsy . After a short look at the offers, we found vegan Ladyfingers that collect very positive reviews.

  • Confectioneries with products for vegans
  • Etsy
  • Stores with your own baked goods
  • Do it yourself

However, do not expect such a good taste as in the case of traditional sponge cakes. You can try to use them in Tiramisu, but success cannot be guaranteed.

Where can i buy eggless ladyfingers?

As mentioned above when writing ladyfingers for vegans, finding eggless ladyfingers is virtually impossible.

You need to rely on your own skills, or rely on sites like Etsy or vegan patisseries.

Where to buy lady finger cookies?

Ladyfingers cookies are available practically in every major grocery store. Despite their relatively low popularity, they are an important element of Tiramisu, which means they go to baskets.

Ladyfingers cookies also have the advantage that they are cheap and have a long shelf life, so stores can safely keep them on the shelves. We recommend checking:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Shops with Italian specialties
  • Large patisseries
  • Kroger
  • Albert sons

The price differences in individual shops are not large and you will find the right packaging for you without any problems.

Gullon Lady Fingers Cookies Pack 400g / 14.1 oz. it costs less than $ 20. Cookies from this company have very good ratings and it is worth taking an interest in them.

Savoiardi lady fingers where to buy?

Biscuits savoiardi is known in all world very shortbread biscuits, which are used for desserts. Virtually the entire article is about Savoiardi lady fingers , because they are most often available in grocery stores.

Savoiardi lady fingers is most often used in Tiramisu, a cake that consists of two layers of sponge cakes soaked in coffee and alcohol .

Savoiardi come from the northern part of Italy, specifically the Savoie region. Their interior is porous, thanks to which it perfectly absorbs various liquids and creams. It is thanks to this property that they are readily used in Tiramisu and other desserts.

Savoiardi lady fingers where to buy? We answered this question in a way, but let’s repeat once again the most popular places:

  • Amazon
  • Florafoods
  • Italian food websites
  • Walmart
  • Shops with Italian products
  • Large patisseries
  • Kroger
  • Albert sons

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