Where to buy juniper berries

where to buy juniper berries

Juniper berries are a much appreciated spice, which is used as an additive in many baked goods and desserts. Probably on many pages you will find information describing exactly what juniper berries are and in what parts of the world they occur.

We will traditionally try to answer the question of where to buy juniper berries at attractive prices. However, it is worth giving a brief introduction in which we will describe in detail why you should buy juniper berries.

Why is it worth buying Juniper berries ?

Juniper is a green shrub that has very aromatic fruits called berries. The juniper bush is found in North America, Europe and Asia, so there are no problems with the availability of juniper berries in grocery stores.

The color of juniper berries is very similar to many other berries, so they can be easily confused. Basically, juniper is found mainly in forests, but you might also be planted in gardens. The diameter of the berries is approximately 5-9 mm.

The juniper bush is a low-maintenance plant that can be found in many countries and places, benefiting the United States and other temperate regions.

The most important thing is the nutritional value of juniper and its use. Juniper berries are fruits, therefore they have substances that are characteristic of most fruits. They are rich in vitamins, mainly vitamin C.

Vitamin C plays a vital role in building a healthy immune system and collagen synthesis.

It is no less important that juniper berries contain many plant compounds and volatile oils.

The essential oil has a strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect.

Juniper is used in many industries, not only gastronomy. Juniper preparations have a strong diuretic effect. In addition, they have a positive effect on swelling and cleansing the body.

Medicine uses juniper and juniper berries in many ways. This shows how valuable the product is and that it is worth getting more interested in it.

Juniper also plays an important role in the kitchen, where it is used as a seasoning for hard-to-digest dishes. Juniper berries have a slightly spicy flavor which gives the dishes a characteristic aroma.

Juniper berry juice is very expressive, so it is often used as a coloring agent.

It is worth mentioning that the consumption of wild juniper berries is not responsible. There are many varieties in the world and some can be poisonous. That is why it is worth buying juniper berries only in stores and proven places.

Such an introduction should be enough, so let’s check where to buy juniper berries and how much they will cost us.

Where to buy juniper berries near me?

As it is a food product found in a large part of the world, there is no problem with its availability. You can find juniper berries in virtually every major grocery store.

Where to find Juniper Berries in Grocery Store ? It depends on the store, they are often found in the alleys of spices and sauces. You should also look for fresh juniper berries in the fruit section. Below is a list of stores where you can easily buy juniper berries .

Local market

The best place to get fresh juniper barries is the local fruit and vegetable market. In such a place you can count on favorable prices and you can often get berries from organic farming.

Whole Foods

The Whole Foods chain of stores also offers juniper berries from various companies. They offer blueberries packed in plastic bags and jars.


Etsy is an online platform, but it allows you to track vendors where you can buy juniper berries . On this site you will find a really wide offer at different prices. The wide variety of juniper berries varieties further encourage you to use Etsy .


The ASDA supermarket also has juniper berries in its offer. Prices are similar to other stores.

Health food stores

Health food stores also offer juniper berries , but you have to reckon with a higher price than at a normal grocery store.


The Herbco store offers customers the possibility to buy juniper berry by weight in two variants.


Walmart has juniper berries in virtually every store and you can order online. When you decide to shop online, you have the option to choose the size of the package. Prices start at just under $ 7, you’ll find juniper berries in the spice section.


Another store that offers juniper berries is Kroger . The store’s offer includes Frontier Juniper Berries packed in a jar. An Organic Whole Juniper Berries option is also available .

Grocery Store

As you can see, we mainly mentioned the grocery stores, because they have juniper berries . If you have a large grocery store in your area, be sure to check its offer.

Where to buy juniper berries for gin?

Juniper berries have been associated with alcohol since the Bronze Age, as confirmed by finds from Denmark. In those days, juniper berries were used in mead. Currently, these fruits play an important role in Portuguese and Polish alcohols. In the United States, juniper is mainly associated with gin.

For many years, the juniper from Tuscany in Italy was considered the best for gin. Juniper berries from this region and the eastern Mediterranean (Albania) are still the best for gin.

The United States is home to about 16 different species of juniper, but only a few are suitable for gin. Juniper is great in nature and is often even perceived as a weed, so obtaining juniper berries is not a problem at all.

The commercial harvest includes about 10 species of shrubs, some of the berries are sold in the alcohol industry.

Where can you buy juniper berries for gin?

  • Walmart – Burma Spice Juniper Berries perfect for Gin, cost around $ 15.
  • Amazon Frontier Juniper Berries
  • Herbco
  • Grocery Store

Where to buy juniper berries for cooking?

One of the primary uses of juniper berries is in cooking. Juniper, due to its characteristic pine flavor, is a spice for sauerkraut and many German dishes.

Juniper is also used in seasoning lamb and venison.

The vast majority of recipes contain information about juniper berries of the species Juniperus Communis .

It is best to use fresh juniper berries, they best reflect the taste. It is worth remembering that juniper berries, in addition to their positive qualities, can cause health problems in some people, so make sure you can eat them.

Where to buy juniper berries for cooking ?

  • Local market
  • Grocery Store
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Spiecejungle

Where to buy fresh juniper berries?

The local market is always the best place to buy fresh juniper berries . If you have a place in your town that sells fresh fruit and vegetables, be sure to go there first.

You can also get fresh juniper berries in the grocery store , although here you can expect more vacuum packed berries.

  • Organic food stores (organic-juniper.com)
  • Local market
  • Grocery Store
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Etsy

Dried juniper berries where to buy?

Dried juniper berries are used as a seasoning for game, rabbit, beef, and other meats or marinades.

Dried juniper berries have a shelf life of about 2-3 years with proper storage. You can easily keep them on the shelf and use them when the right time comes.

Where can I find dried juniper berries? Grocery stores classify this product as spices and this is where you should look for them.

  • Grocery Store
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Asda

You already know where to buy juniper berries for baking and gin. We hope you found our article helpful and you also know where to find juniper berries in a grocery store . We also encourage you to read our other articles.

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