Where to buy Insulated Glass unit online

Where to buy insulated glass unit

Where to buy insulated glass unit online? Such questions appear on the Internet quite often, so we decided to answer them. The windows in our house play a key role in keeping warm and letting light into the interior. If we do not want to give up any of these things, it will be worth taking an interest in insulating glass units also called double pane windows. In this article, we will show you where to buy insulating glass units online and close to you, so let’s check what these places are.

What are insulating glass?

At the beginning, however, a few words of introduction about what insulated glass is. Insulated glass units are called a unit. This is because they are part of one system and cannot be replaced individually.

As we mentioned in the introduction, they are often called double pane windows, double pane glass windows or double glazing.

Insulating glass units have a characteristic structure which is their distinguishing feature. There is no clear definition of what thickness of glass should be used in insulating glass units. In general, thicker glass will be better able to carry out its radiating and thermal functions, but it will also be more expensive. Insulating glass units can consist of up to 3 panes of glass.

There is a space between the panes that can be filled with a desiccant, but this is not the case in all insulating glass units. The width of the voids depends mainly on the frame, the thickness of the glass pane and the amount of gas used for insulation. The width of the window affects its price and its more or less effective operation.

Each window has a frame in which it is embedded. There is no exception in the case of insulating glass units. It’s hard to write anything about the window frame itself, nowadays plastic frames are usually used, which have various forms of assembly.

We also mentioned the gas filling the space between the glass panes. Inert gases are used here, which provide effective insulation.

Why is it worth buying double glazing?

You already know what double pane windows are made of, so it’s time to talk about their advantages. The absolute basis is improving energy efficiency. Many people don’t even realize how much they lose on heating bills through leaky windows.

Replacing windows with insulating glass is an effective method of passive saving, once purchased windows earn for themselves all the time, their cost can pay off in a few years, it all depends on the cost, room size, climate and several other factors.

Special window coatings are also used in insulated glass, which more effectively reflect sunlight in warm parts of the country or in those that better focus the light.

Insulated glass is also better acoustics inside, less outside noise reaches the apartment, so a neighbor with a mower won’t wake you up at 6am on Saturday.

How much does double insulated glass cost?

The answer to this question is not so simple as it all depends on the window model, insulation, glass thickness and coatings used. The estimated cost for an insulated glass window is $ 450-700.

You can also find quotes like $ 10 per square foot.

Where to buy insulated glass unit online?

The introduction is behind us, now let’s move on to where to buy insulated glass unit online. The internet is the best place to buy insulated glass, but you can also try to find a store close to you.

One Day Glass

At One Day Glass, you can choose insulated glass panels of various thicknesses from 1/2 ”to 1. Importantly, the company creates glass in virtually any shape. You can order traditional rectangular or square windows as well as pentagonal or any shape. The glass is covered by a 10-year warranty, and the production time is 2-5 days.

Fab Glass And Mirror

This company is also able to offer its customers insulated glass units in any shape. The customer has a large selection of glass thickness and color. Importantly, there are many positive opinions on the manufacturer’s website, which we have also confirmed in other sources. Like the above-mentioned store, you can count on a 10-year warranty here.


Cascoonline does not run a shop like the two companies mentioned above, but here you can also order insulated glass units in various shapes. You can learn more about the offer directly from the manufacturer’s website.

PRL Glass

On the prlglass website you can find a very good quality insulated glass unit. On the manufacturer’s website, the structure of the insulated glass windows is clearly shown. There you will also find information about available window sizes and glass thicknesses.

Green Mountain Insulated Glass

Another company that sells insulated glass units that are able to offer windows of various shapes and sizes. We are not sure what their delivery looks like, rather they operate throughout the United States.

Where to buy double pane windows near me?

If you don’t want to shop online, there are certain places to buy an insulated glass unit close to you. It is true that the number of such stores is very limited, but we found a few proposals.

Home Depot

The Home Depot chain of stores has Insulated Glass, you do not have as much modification here as in the case of the above-mentioned companies. You can decide on the dimensions of the windows, but you have no influence on the thickness of the glass or the shape of the window itself.

Glass & mirror shop

There may be a glass-making shop in your area, including windows. Type glass & mirror shop near me in the search engine and maybe you will find a place in the maps. These types of plants usually operate in production districts.


Finally, we decided to give an example of a store that is recommended but not on offer from Insulated Glass. Lowes does not have Insulated Glass on the website, nor can you find it in physical stores.

So much for this list of stores where you can buy an insulated glass unit. We hope that the article helped you make a good choice and you now know where to buy the insulated glass unit.

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