Where to Buy Goat Meat

Where to buy goat meat

Buying a rare type of meat is not easy, especially when it concerns a specific type of kitchen. This is the case with goat meat, which is virtually unavailable in traditional butcher shops, not to mention grocery stores. In this article, we show you the places where you can find goat meat in pieces and whole. Unfortunately, most stores are web-based. No chain store offers goat meat on a permanent basis.

Why is it hard to buy goat meat?

Most of the goats are associated with goat’s milk, while goat meat is eaten less frequently in Western culture. Globalization causes people from different regions and with different views to migrate, and with them, traditions and habits.

Goat meat is a specialty associated mainly with the Middle East. The local cuisine began to gain popularity in America, hence the questions of where to buy goat meat. The increase in the number of people for whom goat meat is an important component of the diet made more stores interested in selling it.

However, the number of people interested in consuming goat meat on a regular basis is not so large that many American breeders will decide to breed goats. For this reason, it is still much easier to find other types of meat in stores.

Why is it worth buying goat meat?

Now we know that the number of potential buyers is simply too low for the breeding of goats for meat to be profitable. So it’s time to talk about the advantages of goat meat and its possible advantages over other types of meat, if any.

As befits meat, goat meat contains a lot of protein per 100 grams, which is about 27 grams. What is worth emphasizing, goat meat is low-fat 3g of fat makes goat meat ideal for athletes.

Goat meat is mainly an alternative to beef and pork. Compared to these types of meat, goat meat has not only less fat, but also more iron and a lot of sodium.

If you care about your weight and health, goat meat has a lower cholesterol level compared to other red meats. The saturated fat content is low, which also benefits obesity-related diseases.

Why is goat meat so expensive?

Since the beginning of our civilization, goats have been one of the main sources of food. These tastes changed smoothly over the centuries. Keeping cows was cheaper, breeding easier and the amount of milk and meat much higher.

If you want to go back to the original cooking, we have good news, because most goats bred in the United States are bred without hormones and are completely natural.

The condition of goat meat is controlled by the US Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906, and this is where the second problem arises. High restrictions and organic farming affect the prices of meat.

Goat meat prices start at around $16 a pound, is that a lot? Compared to the most commonly consumed beef, the price differences are not big. Note, however, that we are comparing here to animals bred under similar conditions. In the case of mass breeding without higher standards, the prices can clearly differ.

Goat meat can go up to $33 per pound, it all depends on the piece of meat you buy. Finding meat under $ 13 a pound is virtually impossible.

Where to buy goat meat near me?

Are you nervous because you can’t find goat meat in your neighborhood? We’ll help you as much as we can, but know that there aren’t many places where you can buy goat meat. It is mainly available in online stores and this is where we invite you to check the offer. If, despite this, you are interested in the topic of where to buy goat meat close to you, below we present a proposal of stores to check.


The Walmart chain of stores offers goat meat by Thomas Farms from free range. These are goat bone dice packed in 2 pound packs. As far as we know, meat is mainly available through the Walmart online store, but it is possible that your local Walmart has such meat in stock.

Middle East food store

As mentioned, goat meat is mainly a delicacy in the Middle East, so you should look for it in food stores from this region. There are more and more of these types of shops, and maybe one is in your area.

Mexican food market

Goats are also often eaten in Mexico, so it might be a good idea to visit the Mexican food market. It should be easier to find this type of place, but we know it can be difficult.


It is possible that there is an OjaExpress chain store near your home, offering ethnic food from all over the world. If you have such a shop close to you, it should be stocked with goat meat.

Local butcher – butcher shop

Visit a local butcher and ask if he is bringing goat meat. Often, butchers can fulfill individual orders, it is possible that you can persuade him to buy goat meat.

Where to buy goat meat online?

Due to the limited number of places to buy goat meat locally, we encourage you to check the offer of online stores. You are not able to see the meat and see if it is fresh before you buy it, but this is a more convenient solution. Buying goat meat online does not have to be a blindfold, many companies are certified. In addition, you can always read the opinions on the Internet about a given company.

Shepherd Song Farm

Using Shepherd Song Farm you can buy Whole Lamb, Lamb half, Whole Goat and Goat Half. So you have the option to buy just about anything you need, although the prices are quite high, the same farm also offers chunks of goat meat:

  • Rack of Goat
  • Goat Rib Chops
  • Goat Loin Chops
  • Goat Shoulder
  • And more


Another proposal is the Azzabiha online store, which has goat meat for sale in attractive stores. Here, mainly whole goats or their halves are sold, you cannot order smaller amounts of meat.

Desi Butcher

An interesting shop offering a wide selection of goat meat is Desi Butcher. Here you will find an offer on virtually every edible element of the goat. With this choice, you can easily prepare the meal you expect.


This complicated name is the place where you can buy goat meat in virtually any form (whole shoulders, minced meat, legs). If you are looking for a proven supplier of goat meat, it is worth taking an interest.

Willow City Farm

Willow City Farm is an offer for people who expect 100% fresh goat meat. On the breeder’s website, you can learn about the breeding process in detail. Willow City Farm is known for producing good quality meat from a variety of animals.

Exotic Meat Market

The last offer is the Exotic Meat Market website offering meat of almost any type. Meat markets are the best places to buy meat, and you will often find goat meat there as well.

Where to buy fresh goat meat near me?

The vast majority of the described places allow you to enjoy fresh goat meat. You will always find the freshest meat from a goat breeder who also slaughters them. Fresh goat meat is also sold at food fairs.

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