Where to Buy Duck Fat

where to buy duck fat

Can fat be healthy? It depends on what and in what amounts. Today we want to tell you about duck fat. It is a very good product for cooking food and it contains good fats. Although the most important advantage of duck fat is the taste. Due to the advantages of this product, many people ask where to buy duck fat. In this article, we will not only tell you where to buy duck fat locally and online, but also where to find it at the grocery store.

Why is it worth buying duck fat?

Duck fat is not used as often as ordinary butter or oils. This is due to its taste, low consumer awareness and low availability in stores.

Among the many dishes for which duck fat is used, we can find baked potatoes, croquettes and popcorn. Although in the latter case it is a slight exaggeration, but who likes what.

Fats heated to a certain temperature begin to emit harmful factors. In the case of duck fat, it is used in dishes that require high frying or cooking temperatures.

Theoretically, duck fat can be prepared by yourself, just ask the butcher for the full fat duck. However, this is a labor-intensive task and few people undertake this task. Especially since duck fat is affordable and often contains no preservatives.

Regardless of its taste and visual benefits, duck fat still remains a pure form of fat and contains harmful saturated fats. When consumed rarely, it will not contribute to diseases or weight problems.

Remember not to consume too much of it, like butter or lard.

It is worth noting that duck fat is one of the few that also contains significant values ​​of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsatated fats.

Unfortunately, many producers of duck fat use this fact to advertise it as a healthy product. This is, of course, a misunderstanding, as overall animal fats consumed in large amounts are unhealthy.

100g of duck fat contains:

  • 882 calories
  • 100g of fat
  • 0g of fiber
  • 0g of carbohydrates
  • 0g of protein

Where to buy duck fat near me and online?

After this short introduction, it’s time to check where to buy duck fat. We recommend buying in online stores, because there is more choice. This does not mean that duck fat is not available in normal supermarkets. Below is a list of stores where you can find duck fat at good prices.


The sellers on Amazon have put together a very wide range of duck fat. You can buy it in small jars and larger plastic containers. Among the most popular products is Epic Provisions Duck Fat Keto Friendly.

Whole Foods Market

If you prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, visit Whole Foods Market. You can easily find duck fat in this store. Prices are similar to other stores. The selection may not be as big as on Amazon, but they are quality products.


Walmart, not wanting to be worse, is able to offer its customers similar products as those on Amazon. Here you will find natural duck fat from various companies. The most popular is Straight from France Duck Fat from Southwest France.


Dartagnan is a shop that offers meat products including meat products such as duck fat. For the price of $ 7.99 you get pure Moulard duck fat. This product does not contain preservatives and other additives.


You probably have a Kroger store close to you, you will find duck fat in it. The rates vary, the cheapest product is $ 8.99 from Private Selection. The current offer includes two companies that offer duck fat, so the choice is not too large.


Another online store worth visiting is Grasslandbeef, where you can easily find an offer for duck fat.


If you want to have goods straight from the manufacturer, see the Farmfreshduck website. This is the Farmer’s online store that produces duck fat.


The Publix chain of stores is able to offer its customers duck fat at an affordable price and in various sizes. At this store you will find duck fat packaged in various sizes.


Grimaud Farms Rendered Duck Fat is a product offered by HEB. You will pay $ 11.81 for 16oz, which is a decent price. As for the quality of the product itself, it’s hard to say because it’s not very popular. HEB also has the Rougie Duck Fat on offer for $ 9.26 in an 11.28 oz jar.

Williams Sonoma

If none of the above stores had duck fat in stock, head to Williams Sonoma.


You can always check if your local butcher has duck fat on offer. Even if there is no such fat, maybe at your request it will be able to make it. This method will probably be the most expensive, but it’s worth a try.

Grocery Store

We have listed a few grocery stores where you can buy duck fat. It’s possible that your small grocery store has it on offer as well, it never hurts to check.

Where to find duck fat in Grocery Store?

Finally, let’s answer the question where to find duck fat in Grocery Store. It all depends on the store, for example Walmart classifies it as Cooking Oils and Kroger Baking & Cooking. Other stores may have it in the meat department.

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