Where to buy Curry Leaves

Where to buy curry leaves

Where to buy curry leaves? This question is asked by many people who are looking for original flavors in their dishes. Getting curry leaves is not that easy, but if you know which stores to look for, it won’t be a problem. We’re here to answer your questions about where to buy leaves, plants and seeds curry, and that’s what we do. However, we’ll go over the list of stores behind him, let’s see exactly why so many people want to use curry leaves in their dishes.

Why Buy Curry Leaves?

The Curry tree grows mainly in India and its leaves are used in medicine and cooking. Strangely enough, many medical plants are also used in cooking.

The greatest advantage of curry leaves is their original flavor with hints of citrus.

At the outset, let’s clear up your doubts, curry leaves are not the same as the popular curry powder spice.

Curry leaves are not distinguished by their appearance, if you are not familiar with botany, they will probably look like leaves of any other plant to you.

However, the taste is already evident and it’s hard to imitate it. In addition to the taste qualities, curry leaves have many nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčthat improve health in a measurable way.

Where to buy curry leaves?

It’s time to discuss the most important issue – where to buy curry leaves. We have found many interesting places for you where you will undoubtedly find curry leaves at attractive prices. Take a look at the list below and choose your store.


Be sure to check out the Amazon offer. There are many sellers out there with attractive offers on the curry list. Thanks to this, you will be able to choose the best solution for you.

Indian Grocery Stores

Since curry comes from India, it’s no wonder that the first place to check if they sell curry leaves is Indian Grocery Stores.

Vedic Indian Supermarket

We will highlight Vedic Indian Supermarket here, it is one of the largest Indian supermarket chains in the United States, check if you have a store nearby.

Asian Food Stores

If you don’t have a typical Indian store nearby, maybe you have an Asian one? Asian cuisine is similar in many ways, curry leaves are used in many countries. That’s why it’s worth visiting a local Asian food store.


A very good place to buy organic food is Etsy. This site has arguably the largest selection of curry leaves. However, you need to pay attention to who you are buying from, as not all sellers are from the United States.


The situation is similar for Ebay. This online trading platform brings together sellers from all over the world. Thanks to this, the offer is wide, but you also need to pay attention to where the leaves are shipped.

Spice shops

Specialty spice stores often have curry leaves either in their original dried form or powdered.


Walmart also sells curry leaves in a variety of forms. The offer includes many manufacturers, therefore, there is a really large price range. Different Walmarts may have different products on the shelves, but always look for them in the international food section of the Asian Aisle.

Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market chain of stores also offers its customers curry leaves. Be sure to check the offer and let me know if it was worth it.

Where to buy fresh curry leaves?

Unfortunately, buying fresh curry leaves is not that easy. The number of stores offering this product is very limited. If you do not have an Asian food store close to you, the Internet remains. Online you can order fresh leaves, which are only delivered when the temperature is right.


Though it may come as a surprise, you will find people on Amazon offering fresh Curry Leaves. Most stores have a lot of opinions, so you can easily choose the best option.


Also check out Etsy, there are many farmers and curry shops selling their products there.

Where can i buy curry leaves plant?

If you don’t want to look for leaves in stores, why not take care of your own curry tree? All you have to do is buy curry leaves plant and you will always enjoy fresh leaves. The best place for such a purchase is the Internet, specifically online gardening stores.


Just as you can buy only curry leaves on Amazon, you can also buy curry plants here. However, it is mainly a seasonal product and is not always available for purchase. There are various offers available, and it is worth paying attention to the opinions of people who have already bought curry leaves from selected retailers.


If you don’t find a good deal on Amazon, try another store like Ebay. Here, the offer is even greater, just pay attention to buying products from stores located in the United States.


Another suggestion is Etsy, a lot of people sell curries, and you can find some nice price deals. Various varieties of curry are offered, so be sure to read carefully about what you are buying before buying.


It is an online store that offers seedlings for home and garden. The store also offers curry plants.

Where can i buy curry leaves seeds?

If you want to have everything under control and take care of your curry leaves yourself, you can buy curry leaves seeds. Finding them offline can be difficult, which is why we mainly recommend online stores. The prices of curry beans vary, it all depends on the variety and quantity of beans ordered.


The most popular place to buy curry beans is Amazon. However, the offer is not as big as it may seem, but it’s always worth checking out.


Etsy is a great place to buy plants and plant-based products. As soon as you go to the website and enter the phrase “curry leaves seeds” you will get a lot of offers.

Garden shops

Where to find grains if not in the garden store? Curry is quite a popular plant, but not enough to be found in every garden store. Therefore, before choosing to shop, it is worth finding the website of the selected store and calling to ask if curry leaves are available.

Specialist shops selling only seeds

Some garden stores sell only grains and that’s where you should try to buy curry leaves seeds. These types of stores operate mainly in supermarkets and on the Internet (SeedsCollector).


If you have an account on Ebay, or are just looking for a trusted place to shop, this is a good choice. Companies from all over the world offer their products, including curry leaves seeds. When buying grains, make sure that the seller is from the United States, it guarantees the best delivery time, the lowest price and no problems with customs clearance.

Indian Online Stores

The last proposition is the numerous Indian stores where you will find the largest selection of curry leaves seeds. Important note, before buying products from abroad, be sure to check that there will be no problem with passing the inspection. Nutritional / plant products are carefully controlled.

Hope you already know where to buy leaves, plants and seeds curry. As you can see, there are some stores that offer these products, but most are online sales. We also invite you to check the other articles on the website.

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