Where to Buy Chemex Filters

Where to Buy Chemex Filters

Where to Buy Chemex Filters? We will answer this question in this article, because on internet forums there is often a question about Chemex Filtres. In fact, it is quite surprising that so many people ask where to find Chemex Filtres, as they are available in a really large number of stores. Chemex Filtres have many advantages and fulfill their role well, so let’s check where you can buy them.

Why is it worth buying Chemex Filtres?

We always follow it to the list of stores where you can buy a given product, and we try to present the reasons why you should buy it. In the case of Chemex Filtres, it is mainly about the quality of filtration, after all, filters are used for this.

According to the manufacturer Chemex Filtres are heavier than other filters available on the market, it is difficult to verify without very precise measurements. The fact is, many people praise how

Chemex Filtres collects sludge particles, oils and fats.

Properly filtered coffee tastes better, has a richer flavor and elements that may have a negative impact on the taste sensation are screened out.

Chemex Filtres are produced in conical shapes, which allows to filter the water thoroughly. The filters are also break-resistant and nothing should get into the coffee.

Where to buy Chemex Filtres near me and online?

This time the introduction is very short as there is not much to write about the filters themselves. We have easily found many stores that may be close to you and offer Chemex Coffee Filtres. Of course, the list is supplemented with online stores, because there are also many of them. If you are looking for the best price, it is worth looking for, because there are really big differences. That’s why it matters which store you choose.


If you are asking the Where to Buy Chemex Filters question, it means that you have not checked the Amazon offer yet. You will find virtually all types of Chemex Filters there. The products have a lot of ratings, so you can base your opinion on these Chemex coffee filters.


The Walmart chain of stores also has a wide range of Chemex Filters. Prices very similar to other stores, although slightly more expensive than on Amazon. Don’t want to wait for your tasty coffee and delivery from Amazon? Then put on your shoes and go get your Chemex Filters at Walmart

Chemex stores

The darkest place is under the lantern, Chemex has its stores in various locations throughout the country. As a direct producer, they are able to offer the lowest prices. Chemex also has its own website where it sells coffee filters.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Interestingly, Bed Bath & Beyond stores offer Chemex Filters at even lower prices, because we’re talking about $ 9.99 here. This price is unattainable for most of the above-mentioned stores.

World Market

It’s even cheaper by 4 cents in the World Market, so if you want the lowest price, this is one of the favorites. World Market offers many interesting products and Chemex Filters are just one of them.

VERVE Coffee

In this store, Chemex Filters are at standard prices. It is the perfect place to fully equip yourself with a coffee fan set.

Coffee shops

Local coffee shops often have Chemex Filters. Prices in this type of stores should not differ from the market average. Therefore, if you have a coffee shop close to you, be sure to check it out.

Williams Sonoma

Another store worth visiting is Williams Sonoma, you can easily find Chemex filtres there. Williams Sonoma offers competitive prices, so don’t be afraid to overpay.

Whole Foods

The Whole Foods chain of stores has Chemex Filters for its customers at prices of $ 10-12, depending on the day we checked. Important note here, we recommend buying online, because it is cheaper then.

Grocery stores

Some grocery stores also on store shelves in the coffee department are able to offer Chemex filters. This applies mainly to large-format stores, as filters are not a basic product.


Meijer local store chain sells Chemex filters. Their price is similar to that of filters sold by other grocery stores.


Many cafes, apart from selling hot coffee, also sell filters, packets of good coffee and other coffee-related devices. It is possible that your local coffee shop will have Chemex filters.


Bloomingdale’s store has or had in its offer Chemex filters. There is information on the website that the product is temporarily unavailable.


The last proposal is HEB, which offers Chemex Prefolded Coffee Filter Squares. The price is a bit higher than Whole Foods or Meijer but still acceptable.

Online you can find threads with old prices from a few years ago. Chemex filters have increased during this time, and it’s pactically impossible to find them at $ 8 prices. I have added that this article showed you where to Buy Chemex Filters at good prices. As you can see there are many stores close to you that will have Chemex filters on offer and you will also get these filters on the internet without any problem.

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