Where to buy cat grass

where to buy cat grass

You own a cat and wonder where to buy cat grass? If so, you are in the right place, if not, I have no idea how you got here, but maybe the information from this article will be useful to you. We will show you in which stores you can buy cat grass and cat grass seeds. This product is readily available and you probably won’t have a problem getting it. However, let’s start from the very beginning and explain what cat grass is and why you should buy it for your cat.

Why is it worth buying cat grass?

As the person in charge of the cat, you should know some of the cat’s behavior. One of these behaviors is eating grass. Not only cats, but also dogs and other animals like to eat some grass from time to time. If your cat hangs mostly indoors and goes outside with you from time to time, you may wonder why it does so.

Cats eat grass for a variety of reasons, one of which is indigestion and the urge to excrete some food in the form of vomiting. In wild cats, the most common factor causing indigestion is the eaten prey.

In the case of domestic cats, we are dealing with a behavioral reflex. Your cat may not have gotten any sacrifice in his life, but he subconsciously knows what eating grass involves.

Cat grass also provides cats with fiber, although there are better foods to provide it. It also has an impact on getting rid of the licked hair from the body.

Grass is a plant, so assume it has some nutritional value, and it does. We are talking mainly about two vitamins A and D. Additionally, grass contains folic acid and chlorophyll, these factors have a positive effect on the cat’s body.

  • Has a positive effect on the digestive system
  • Provides your cat with vitamins

Okay, but we mainly write about ordinary grass and what exactly is cat grass? Certainly not the same as catnip, when shopping carefully check that you are buying the right product. Cat grass is nothing more than specially cultivated grass, which is under control and you can be sure that no chemicals have been poured over it. One pot of such grass is more than enough for normal-sized cats for a while.

You can also buy cat grass seeds for self-planting in pet stores. You do not need any gardening skills to grow cat grass, you sow the grass, put it in direct sunlight and water it regularly.

Grass grows relatively fast, you can always prepare several pots in which to plant grass one or two weeks apart. This way, your cat will always have access to fresh cat grass.

As you can see, cat’s grass is a product worth buying, because it brings the cat closer to the environment and allows you to take care of the digestive system. Cats that can walk slowly will appreciate a fresher alternative, and cats that are permanently locked in an apartment will be delighted with the possibility of implementing their natural behavior.

Although cat grass is generally considered safe, it’s always worth asking your vet for advice.

Where to buy cat grass near me & online?

It is normal for a cat to eat grass and you should not chase it while it is doing this. Cats know best if they need to eat some grass at a given moment. Not all cats will eat grass the same way, and some cats may not be interested in it.

The vast majority of cats will enjoy green and tasty grass in your home. If you do not live in a remote area, you can easily buy cat grass near me. The first place to start is at the pet store.

Pet Shoop

The pet store is the best place to buy cat grass. Virtually every store has such grass, or at least seeds. Many pet stores offer a variety of grass, from plain grass to wheat grass, to a mixture of oats, rye and barley.

Plant Shop

We are not talking about a flower shop, there will be no grass for a cat there, but in special shops with plants it is. These stores are often large in size and offer a wide variety of plants, including cat’s grass.


Traditionally, if you do not know where to buy something, you can find it at Walmart. This store also offers cat grass to its customers. It is worth noting that the offer includes non-GMO grass. Prices are similar to other stores and ratings are mostly positive.


Amazon has a wide range of cat products, one such product being cat grass. It’s hard to list all the cat grass producers that sell on Amazon, there are a lot of them and most of them offer very good quality grass.


Not as popular as in Europe, but also valuable. Ebay offers its customers both cat grass and grass grains. Remember that this platform does not have specific standards for animal products, so you cannot be sure if they come from organic farming. In addition, a large part of the sellers are companies from Great Britain.


Another very interesting shop is Etsy, where we usually find organic cat grass and grain. The offer is perhaps even bigger than Amazon and you will really find grass here that your cat will love.

Garden shops

Some gardening stores will also offer cat grass in addition to the usual flowers and gardening equipment.

DIY store

A DIY store is a not-so-obvious proposition. Some stores offer cat’s grass or seeds, but this is quite an individual matter and rather the final choice.

Where to buy cat grass seeds?

If you want to plant your own cat grass seeds, you just need to know where to buy cat grass seeds. Most stores that already have grown grass will also have catgrass kernels. At the same time, the beans are more readily available as they can be stored longer.

You can also replace cat grass seeds with wheatgrass seeds, the cat should also appreciate the qualities of such grass.

Cat grass seeds are definitely cheaper than buying already grown grass, but you have to take care of it yourself and wait a while for it to grow. If you calculate everything, it is much cheaper than buying cat grass every now and then in the store.

  • Prepare yourself a ceramic or plastic pot / pot.
  • Tighten the pot with stones so that the cat does not tip it over, but it is not required.
  • Pour into it the potting soil, the most common soil available in garden stores. Leave some space to cover the grains with soil.
  • Pour a fair amount of grass into the center
  • Cover the grains with a shallow layer of soil. Do not compact the soil.
  • Water and place the pots in a sunny place, but not so much that the sun is too strong.

Okay, you already know almost everything about cat grass and how to plant it. Now let’s summarize where you can buy cat grass and seeds:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • Ebay
  • Garden stores
  • Plant Shop
  • Pet Shop
  • Homedepot
  • Petmd
  • PetGrass

As you can see, there are many places where you can buy cat’s grass. We hope you will find the best option for you. We also invite you to read the other articles on our website.

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