Where to buy Calling Cards for Payphones

where to buy calling cards for payphones

If something has a definition in Wikipedia and it is very well described and it hasn’t been used for a long time, it’s a sign that you are old. That’s the way it is with me, I forgot about the calling cards, but still many people wonder where to buy calling cards for payphones? Once very popular, today it is mainly used for international calls.

In the era of the Internet and free calls, most people are switching to Skype programs, giving up calling cards. However, it is still one of the better and more reliable methods of making calls to various places at favorable prices.

Along with the decline in the popularity of calling cards, the number of stores selling them has decreased. Fortunately, there are still stationary places where you can buy such cards. Of course, you will find the most offers on the Internet, we will also write about it.

Why is it worth buying calling cards for payphones?

Phone cards had their golden age at the turn of the century. They were gradually replaced by mobile phones and now they have to give way to an internet application.

Calling cards for payphones are usually plastic cards that do not require any accounts or depositing money to operate. Standard cards have a certain amount of money you can spend. After running out of money, the card is useless and can be thrown away, although some people collect such cards.

The way the calling card works is very simple. You get an access number to call. At the same time, the security is provided by the PIN number. The calling procedure is as follows:

1. You enter the access number
2. You enter the PIN
3. Enter the phone number you want to call
4. You are conducting a conversation
5. You hang up

If you want to find out how much money you still have on the card, just enter your PIN and you will receive information about the account balance. This is how the cards of the most popular companies work.

When buying calling cards for payphones, remember to choose cards that offer the lowest fees for making calls. Also important is the lack of an exploitation fee. The worst type of fee is the one where you have to pay just for having the card.

Most cards also have expiration dates. Remember to use all the minutes on time.

Okay, but what’s the point of all this or not just make a call from the phone? Well, not always, often international calls are cheaper when you use a calling card.

Before buying, it’s always a good idea to compare the fees of several cards to choose the best option. To be competitive, most of the phone cards have similar costs per minute. However, some perform better than others.

Not only international calls are more expensive than regular calls, the rates can be surprisingly high when using payphones in hotels or public places.

Does Walmart sell international calling cards?

Yes, Walmart sells calling cards like other stores of this type.

Where to buy calling cards for payphones?

Time to show where to buy calling cards for payphones. Although the number of shops with calling cards is decreasing, there are still many places where you can buy such cards without any problems. If you like online shopping, the choice there is even greater, for example on Amazon.


The first store we want to mention to you is Walmart. There you will find many calling cards at different prices. If you have this store close to you, be sure to check its offer. You can also use the Walmart online store.

Convenience stores

From what I remember as a child, most convenience stores had calling cards for payphones on offer and nothing has changed in this situation. Recently, for the purposes of this article, I bought such a card in a local store, not belonging to any chain.


Let’s go to the internet for a moment, because amazon is the best place to buy a calling card. There you will find a wide offer and prices adapted to different wallets. If you are planning international calls, check their offer.


It is an online store that, after selecting which country we want to call, offers us the best calling cards. The problem with the website is that it is a bit dated and some links are not working which makes shopping difficult.


Ebay is an online store that has almost everything. Retailers all over the world sell a variety of products, including phone cards.

Telephone shops

But I don’t mean T-Mobile telephone operators, but telephone equipment stores. Some shops of this type still sell buy calling cards for payphones.

You already know to buy calling cards for payphones. I hope it will save you on calls. If you are looking for information on other topics, I encourage you to check the other articles.

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