Where to buy blackstrap molasses

Where to buy blackstrap molasses

Where to buy blackstrap molasses? This is what we will try to answer in this article. Many of you are wondering where you can find yourself near the blackstrap molasses and where to find it in the grocery store. Fortunately, we have answers to all of the above questions.

We will try to also check what prices are currently in force and which store offers the best quality blackstrap molasses . But for him to go, traditionally worth to answer what is blackstrap molasses and what are the advantages.

Why buy blackstrap molasses?

Sugar cane, this is what makes molasses, which is actually a by-product of refining. The first cooking is sugar cane syrup and the second is molasses.

Only that is still not the product this article refers to. Only the third cooking allows to crystallize and dark viscous liquid known as blackstrap molasses . As it is a product of a long process, the sugar content is low compared to cane syrup and ordinary molasses.

It should be emphasized that molasses is not the same in terms of nutrients as refined sugar. Unlike sugar, blackstrap molasses has a lot of vitamins and minerals.

In many advertisements you can expect this product to be presented as nutritious, but you shouldn’t overeat it, it’s still a derivative of sugar cane. The line between health effects and obesity is very fragile.

You already know why k drunk blackstrap molasses , but let’s say a little more about the impact on health.

Blackstrap molasses are mainly high in calcium and magnesium, at least compared to other molasses.

  • 400 mg calcium / 100 g
  • 13 mg iron / 100 g
  • 300 mg of magnesium / 100 g

Results will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but when averaging these results are to be expected. So what is the consumption of blackstrap molasses for our health?

Calcium is the most abundant in molasses, therefore, it has a positive effect on bones. This is especially important for women who can prevent osteoporosis.

Blackstrap molasses also has a positive effect on problems with anemia or eliminating muscle cramps.

Nobody normally eats this molasses in large quantities, not only because of the taste, which will not suit everyone, but also the consistency. The normal form is very dense and would be best to put on a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses in warm water and drink. This product can also be used in normal dishes, most often they are meat dishes and cakes.

Where to buy blackstrap molasses online?

The number of shops selling blackstrap molasses is really large and there should be no problem getting it. Sugar cane is found in many countries and is an easily refined product, so there are many producers on the market selling this product. It would be best to buy blackstrap molasses online, below are a list of stores, where you will find what you are looking for.


The first thing you absolutely must check is amazon. Here you will find many manufacturers offering blackstrap molasses in a variety of sizes and prices. Many products have several thousand opinions, so you can easily find the best offer for yourself. Blackstrap Molasses is available all year round and one bottle of 15 Fl Oz should last a while.


Walmart also offers blackstrap molasses, here the selection is slightly smaller, but the prices are very similar to those in other stores.


I have the impression that many people still underestimate this online store. Etsy is a great place to buy clean food straight from the manufacturer with no middlemen. You can also find blackstrap molasses deals on Etsy.

Whole Foo ds Market

The Whole Foods Market you will find most of the products they are looking for in this blackstrap molasess . They will be the same producers as in other stores, so expect good quality.


You do not forget you can also shop eBay, which also has deals with different vendors blackstrap molasses .

Where to buy blackstrap molasses near me?

If you do not want to do online shopping, there is nothing to prevent you from going to the nearest grocery store. Unfortunately, this product is not so popular that it will be in every store, but the larger hypermarkets will probably have this product in their offer. Here’s where it buy blackstrap molasses near me.


Offer Online Walmart in large descent overlaps with what can be found in local stores. So if you have a Walmart close together, search there blackstrap molasses .


Another chain of stores, where you will find blackstrap molasses is Safeway . Here, too, the most popular brands are waiting for you, but the choice is not too large.

Grocery Store

It is impossible to list all the grocery stores where you can buy blackstrap molasses. Bigger grocery stores should offer blackstrap molasses. In the case of smaller stores, you can often only count on ordinary molasses.

Health food store

Most health food stores have in their offer blackstrap molasses . So let’s go shopping at a nearby health food store.

Trader Joe’s

In Trader Joe’s stores you will find organic Blackstrap Molasses at very favorable prices and with good reviews. Check necessarily, if your store Trader Joe’s is on the shelves blackstrap molasses .


The Kroger chain of stores offers its customers Plantation Blackstrap Molasses in bottles of various capacities. Prices start at around $ 4 and are close to other stores.


Some Publix stores offer blackst rap molasses , but not all.

Local farmer

What do you say l demand okalnych sugarcane farmers owning about it or do not have in their offer blackstrap molasses ?

Where to buy organic unsulphured blackstrap molasses?

The last question to which the answer in this article is: where is the buy organick blackstrap molasses . We have already listed at least 3 places where you can search for such products:

  • Etsy
  • Health food store
  • Amazon

We hope that you already know where to buy blackstrap molasses. This nutritious product can be an important addition in your kitchen It is not the cheapest, but it lasts a long time and is undoubtedly healthier than traditional sugar or even regular molasses.

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