Where to Buy Black Rice Near Me and Online

where to buy black rice

Black rice is one of the rarest varieties. Actually, its color is black and purple and is sometimes also called purple rice.

It is used in kitchens around the world because it is very nutritious and has a characteristic taste that is significantly different from traditional white rice.

It is not as readily available in stores as white rice, because the vast majority of societies do not consume it on a daily basis. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to find black rice in your local store or on the Internet. In this article, we’ll show you where to buy black rice, but let’s talk about its pros and cons beforehand.

Why is it worth buying black rice?

In general, regardless of the variety, rice is always a valuable meal, there are significant differences in micronutrients, but they only play a role when rice is the basis of our nutrition. If you don’t eat rice almost every day, ignore the marketing gimmicks.

Black rice is a variety of rice very rich in protein, we are talking here even about 9 / 100g of protein, which is a level unattainable for white and brown rice. Such differences in protein may be important for people building muscle mass.

Other nutritional values ​​are very similar to white rice. Rice is mainly carbohydrate and black rice is about 34g per 100g.

Digging deeper into the health aspects, black rice shows many positive qualities. One of them is having antioxidants and flavonoids, which reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

There is also lutein in black rice that affects the condition of our eyes. Regular consumption of black rice can positively reduce the risk of certain eye diseases.

There are definitely more of these types of advantages, you can read about them on the websites dealing with medicine, now let’s move on to the more culinary aspects.

What does black rice taste like?

The answer to this question cannot be unequivocal as there are many varieties of black rice. On the other hand, the most common ones have a slight nutty aftertaste similar to what we know from brown rice.

Black rice is more gummy than white and quite dense. Its taste and texture most closely resemble brown rice.

Importantly for many people, black rice is gluten-free and has a glycemic index of 43.

If you want to prepare black rice, remember that it should be cooked longer than white rice.

As we mentioned, black rice also has a lot of purple pigment and it is very easy to stain everything around. The very process of cooking black rice is virtually no different from how you cook white rice.

Is black rice expensive?

When I checked out the stores that sell black rice for you, I found that the prices are slightly higher than white rice. There are also significant differences depending on the manufacturer. Walmart offers 14 oz Black Rice at a price of ~ $ 13 and on Amazon you can find Chinese Black Rice on sale for half the price. In organic food stores we found prices of $ 6.90 for 1lb, so as you can see it all depends on the brand and type of rice.

Where to Buy Black Rice near me & online?

Let’s move on to the most important point, which is where to buy black rice. As it was mentioned in the introduction, due to the relatively low interest in black rice, its availability is not so high.

Most local small grocery stores will not have black rice on the shelves. This is where the largest chain hypermarkets such as Walmart or online stores such as Amazon will prove to be helpful. So let’s check the list of stores where you can buy black rice.


Amazon is a place where you can buy almost anything, including nutritional products, including black rice. There are over a dozen offers selling black rice. The price range is really big, so you can buy something cheaper to try and larger packages at once. Just be careful not to buy wild rice as this is not the same as black rice.


Amazon’s counterpart among brick-and-mortar stores is undoubtedly Walmart. You will find everything in it including Black Rice. It is offered in various sizes of packages and comes from various manufacturers. Here, too, you need to be careful not to buy wild rice, because both types of rice are located next to each other on the shelves.


The Ebay sales platform is where everything is sold by people from all over the world. Naturally, you can limit your searches to the United States only. On Ebay you will find black rice from the same producers as on Amazon and Walmart.

Asian food stores

As you know, rice is a specialty of Asian cuisine, so you should look for it in Asian food stores. In such stores, they often have many varieties of one product, because they know that hardly anyone comes to them for plain rice. Black rice bought in an Asian store shouldn’t be much more expensive.

MountHope – Wholesale

If you plan to purchase a little more ounces lb at a time than is standard, you can buy bulk quantities of black rice at MountHope. The final price is then much cheaper, and as you know, rice has a long shelf life.


Another store we want to suggest is Bulkeez where we found Organic Black Thai Rice at a price of $ 4.99 for 8oz. This is a good price for an organic food certified product. You can also buy much larger quantities and then the price becomes even more attractive.


Instacart is another example that it is possible to find black rice. This store also offers black rice from the most popular brands. Although it is not a shop, but an order processing company.


HEB has prepared Wel-Pac Black Rice for its customers for $ 9 for 2lb, it is a very nice price, I will not say about the product itself, because we have never tried. Unfortunately, the product is currently out of stock and there is no other black rice on offer.

Woodland Foods

If you want to buy Chinese Black Rice, you can choose Woodland Foods stores. One of their products is Rice, which is sold in large packets. The most affordable offer.


Kroger has prepared Nature’s Earthly Choice Black Rice for its customers, which is positively evaluated. Unfortunately, the product is not available on store shelves, at least not at all times. The best way to order it is to use the Kroger online store.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market has Organic Black Forbidden Rice to offer. Prices are similar to other stores.


Publix offers black rice, but the selection is not large and not every store will have it. If your Publix does not have black rice, take advantage of the offer of other stores listed.

Health food stores

Black rice is referred to as healthier food, so look for it in health food stores. The price will probably be higher than on Amazon or Walmart, but if you want to try it, go ahead.

Natural Grocers

Forbidden Black Rice 15 Oz is a product available in Natural Grocers stores. If you are interested in buying this rice, be sure to visit one of the Natural Grocers stores.

Our list of stores where you can buy black rice is complete. We hope you already know where to buy black rice and how much it will cost you.

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