Where to buy bean sprouts

where to buy bean sprouts

Bean sprouts are used in many delicious dishes, often vegan, and you are reading this article because you want to know where to buy mung beans . Bean sprouts are not available in all stores.

Despite their good nutritional value, bean sprouts are not found in the staple diet of most people. Although it may not be possible to find bean sprouts in your local store, the list of places where you can buy fresh sprouts is quite a lot, especially when you search on the Internet .

Let’s check where to buy bean sprouts and where to look for them in a grocery store .

Mung Bean Sprout

Before we get to the answers to the previously asked questions, let’s check why mung bean sprouts are worth buying.

It is worth knowing that bean sprouts come in different varieties, which affects their taste. They have a characteristic taste that not everyone will like, but if you are looking for information where to buy them, you probably know what they taste like.

Mung bean sprouts have many nutritional benefits and are beneficial to health. At the same time, there are some chronic diseases that make it better to discontinue legumes, such as psoriasis. Also, if you suffer from stomach ulcers or during pregnancy, consumption of sprouts is not recommended.

However, for most people, bean sprouts will be part of a balanced diet. They lower the glycemic index of a meal and have an effect on the reduced level of cholesterol in the blood, which is known to cause heart disease. With regular consumption, they also build up the body’s immunity.

It is not without significance that mung bean sprouts should be included in the diet of both vegans and meat eaters.

The nutritional values ​​of fresh mung sprouts are as follows (per 100g):

  • carbohydrates – 6 g,
  • fiber – 2 g,
  • protein – 3 g,
  • folic acid – 63.4 mg,
  • vitamin A – 21.8 IU,
  • vitamin E – 0.1 g,
  • vitamin C – 13.7 g,
  • vitamin K – 34.3 g,
  • B vitamins (mainly B1, B3, B3 and B6) – 5 to 8% of the daily requirement.

Where to buy bean sprouts near me?

You already know quite a bit about mung bean sprouts , so it’s time to check out where to buy mung bean sprouts . Remember that the assortment of stores may vary and the fact that you can find mung beans in one of the listed ones does not mean that you will also find it 100% in your store.

Grocery Store

This is where your search for mung bean sprouts should begin The larger the grocery store, the greater the chance that you will find bean sprouts in it. However, you have to be prepared that these will be sprouts in a can, rather few grocery stores have fresh bean sprouts.


Since we mentioned the grocery s tore it impossible not to mention a Publix store chain, which can be located in your vicinity. There you will also find canned bean sprouts at great cenatch .


These stores offer their customers canned mung bean sprouts from various companies. The choice may be even greater than in the two above-mentioned stores, but it all depends on the current supply.

Market with food

gels in your area is a market with food it will be that he’s probably the best place to buy a bean sprout in a fresh version. Although it might seem that in such places it should be relatively cheap, it is not always the case and the prices may be slightly higher than in a glocery store .


Honestly, when you don’t know where to look, there is always one store that will welcome you with open arms and offer you La Choy Bean Sprouts . You might think that La Choy has a bean sprout monopoly and is actually found in most stores, obviously price plays a big role.

Piggly Wiggly

Also Piggly Wiggly is d on offer to its customers the bean sprouts this time Polar. These are good quality canned beans at great prices.

Asian food stores

Bean sprouts are very popular in Asia, therefore, most Asian food stores are able to offer their customers bean sprouts.

Where to buy bean sprouts online?

If you do not want to go , you can take advantage of the offers of online stores, where you will find a wide selection of canned mung beans, but also vacuum-packed.


The largest online store has an interesting offer on bean sprouts, although the vast majority of the offer concerns canned sprouts. The offer is dominated by La Choy , which offers several purchase options.


The same company also supplies bean sprouts to supply Target stores. However, the Good Gather brand can also offer its customers different variants of beans, all at really attractive prices.

Where to buy fresh bean sprouts?

Although we have already answered the question where to buy fresh bean sprouts , this paragraph is worth highlighting. Fresh bean sprouts can be purchased both in plastic packaging and in a special form to grow. Naturally, when we think of a one-time purchase, no one will be having fun growing beans at home, but in other cases it can be an interesting alternative.

You can buy fresh bean sprouts at:

  • Amazon
  • Grocery Store
  • Target
  • Fresh Market
  • Stores with healthy food
  • Local Food Fair
  • Market with food

Prices in these places may vary, the cheapest should be in grocery shops and the most expensive in health food stores.

These are still not all places where you can buy bean sprouts, the list of such places:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Grocery Store
  • Shop with Asian food
  • Target
  • Fresh Market
  • Stores with healthy food
  • Local Food Fair
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Market with food
  • Alberton’s
  • Publix
  • Meijer
  • Stop & Shop

Where to find mung beans in grocery store?

You already know where to buy beef sprouts , it’s time to tell you where in here to find mung beans in grocery store . To start with, the location of the mung bean sprouts may vary from store to store , just as they are available in different stores .

You will probably find fresh sprouts in the vegetables section or in the health food section. They can also be placed on refrigerated shelves in vacuum transparent packaging.

You can also find mung bean sprouts canned in the canning section. If the store has an aisle with international food, it is also worth checking there.

Bean sprouts are not readily sold by stores mainly due to the short period of consumption, of course, in their fresh version. Although it is not unusual in the case of fruit and vegetables, sprouts are also not very good at dealing with bacteria, which also affects sales.

We showed you a few places where you can buy mung bean sprouts fresh and in the box. We hope we helped and you will be able to create your favorite snack.

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